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Improved Efficiency, Capability & Recognition


Improved efficiency and  quality  of hiring 

Peer Recommended pool of candidates help in improving the efficiency and quality of hiring.

Curated Resources for Capability and Capacity building

Platform would provide curated resources for capability evaluation, appraisals and capacity building

AI Generated HR trends

Progressively the platform would be able to generate insights and trends of hiring alignment, organisational maturity, efficiency and other HR trends. Such trends would enable organisations to  adapt better HR practices

Improved Leadership Hiring

Relevant recommendations and third party evaluation to help with better leadership hiring. 

Recognition and Rewards for best practices 

HR  and Program Leaders would be directly creating sectoral impact on talent availability. Such leaders would be   recognised and rewarded for their contributions.

Curated Resources for HR Management Practices

Many organisations struggle to find qualified and well documented resources for HR management practices. IH would provide peer recommended resources

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