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ImpactHire is a collaborative platform that unlocks, creates and improves livelihood opportunities for professionals in the social sector. Catalysed by collaborative efforts and an AI assisted recommendations, it facilitates discovery of job opportunities, aspirational career paths, valuable certification, training and mentoring and wealth of shared learnings for the dedicated sector workers, motivated crossover professionals and passionate volunteers. It helps HR  leaders in improving efficiency , quality  of Hiring  and  HR practices .


25+ Nonprofits

15 Senior
Sector Leaders


40 HR Leaders

2 HR

The Need

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Social Sector is a significant contributor for livelihood and employment specially at grassroot level. Given the size, magnitude  and impact of the sector there is not enough recognition and appreciation of the contribution and effort of the sector on the livelihood and economy of the country. Even within the social sector the focus is to highlight the impact created to the beneficiaries, often overlooking the impact on the workers and employees. 

The challenges of hiring and talent management in the non-profit sector are complex and multifaceted, encompassing issues related to recruitment, team capacity and the alignment of roles with candidates' expectations. Most non-profit leaders acknowledge that talent management is one of the biggest challenges they face in building organisational capability and  capacity. 

While organisations face the challenge of not finding the right candidates, qualified applicants struggle to find the ideal opportunities to unlock the next step in their journey as impact makers and contributors to social good. 

ImpactHire would help nonprofits in improving efficiency and quality  of hiring and help social sector professional, crossover candidates and fellows in accessing better opportunities and resources for improving capability. 

Team Hugging

What We Offer

A Collaborative Platform to bring organizations and people TOGETHER

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